"I had the pleasure of working with Heather in her various positions at Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) for over 10 years. In her role as Corporate Secretary to the board of directors, Heather excelled at everything governance related. She led the process to restructure FPSC’s governance model several times during her tenure and competently updated all governance policies and bylaws during these transitions. Heather also developed and maintained FPSC’s board policy manual, which was always well balanced between best practices and FPSC’s unique needs. I would highly recommend Heather’s services as she is truly a governance expert."

- Cary List, President & CEO, Financial Planning Standards Council 

"In my work with Heather at CANASA, I saw a seasoned professional in action. Heather was able to see and understand the larger picture of the broad industry while leading staff and keeping her eye on detailed operational issues. Most importantly, Heather always conducted herself with professionalism and integrity even during challenging times."

- Peter Wright, President, The Planning Group


"I worked closely with Heather when I served as Chair and Past Chair of the Board at Financial Planning Standards Council.  Heather proved to be a true expert in non-profit governance and was the lead on countless successful projects. Heather has a natural ability to understand where the weaknesses are in an organization’s governance documents and uses her unique skills to strengthen them. She is collaborative, professional, great with volunteers and overall, a pleasure to work with. I have every confidence that Heather will excel in all that she does for her clients."

- James W. Kraft, Former Chair, Financial Planning Standards Council


"My company needed some policies written for a proposal we were  working on during an extremely busy time and Heather came in at the 11th hour and proved to be a life saver.  Heather is a true professional.  She  met my deadlines, did all the research and as far as I am concerned, went above and beyond for this project. Heather was a pleasure to work with and I will happily recommend her services any time."

- Katherine Wright, President, The Wright Solution

"Heather was a key resource when I became a board member of Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) many years ago, and ultimately in my roles as Vice Chair, Chair and Past Chair. Heather is extremely knowledgeable in governance and board relations, and was vital to the initial and continuing work in those areas. The foundational organization development of which Heather has played a leadership and integral part has built FPSC to the truly national level at which it now operates. Resourceful, professional, leader, competent, diligent, mentor, team builder, project manager are only a few terms that come to mind with respect to Heather. These attributes linked to a pleasant and fun-loving personality make her an extremely valuable asset to any organization."

- Cheryl Bauer Hyde, Former Chair, Financial Planning Standards Council 


“I worked with Heather for several years and was continually impressed with her knowledge of and passion for governance.  Working closely with numerous non-profits in my current role, I know how unique these organizations are and am aware of the many intricacies that exist.  I can say with confidence that Heather is an expert at navigating efficiently through the complexities of a non-profit’s structure, bylaws, policies and procedures."

-  Isabelle Gonthier, President & COO, Yardstick Assessment Strategies


"In my role as Executive Director of the Financial Planning Foundation, I had the pleasure of working with Heather as we enhanced our governance practices and supporting policies. Heather was my go-to person when it came to board relations, policy development and governance issues in general. She provided me with countless recommendations that were “right” for the Foundation at critical stages of our organization's  growth.  Now that she is a full-time consultant, I would not hesitate to draw upon Heather’s services to refine my organization’s governance policies, and I would recommend her to any organization looking to do the same."

-  Stefanie Ince, Executive Director, Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada