Governance Consulting for Nonprofits

Governance Consulting for Nonprofits

Governance Consulting for NonprofitsGovernance Consulting for NonprofitsGovernance Consulting for Nonprofits

Is your nonprofit at risk?

Ask yourself these questions ...

  • Are your organization’s governance documents out of date or non-existent?

  • Are the roles and responsibilities of your leaders, board and committees poorly defined?

  • Do you need to act on cleaning up your governance documents and processes before there is a governance breakdown in your organization?

If you answered yes to any of the above, 

you need Pinpoint Governance Group to help protect your organization.

Investing in your non-profit's governance today will not only mitigate risk, 

but will result in saving time and money in the future.

About Pinpoint Governance Group

Who We Are

Pinpoint Governance Group is a consulting firm for nonprofits that specializes in the development and refinement of governance policies and processes . See a complete list of our services here.

Pinpoint is led by Heather Terrence, a Certified Association Executive and governance specialist with over 20 years of experience working with nonprofits.

Our Approach

Good governance is about creating policies and processes for making and implementing decisions. Strong governance policies and processes guide boards, committees and senior staff and help them to lead effectively. They make it easier for a non-profit to achieve its mission and objectives.  

Our goal at Pinpoint is simply to develop or refine governance policies and processes for our clients based on leading practices in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. We pride ourselves in gaining a strong understanding of our client organizations to ensure that our recommendations are aligned with their unique needs, culture, structure and environment.

Why Pinpoint?

Pinpoint brings over 20 years of nonprofit governance expertise to our work. We can take your governance policies and processes to the next level. Read our testimonials

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